14 de septiembre de 2008


Happy Gotcha Day Kimo and Sabi!

. Brownie

Kimo and Sabi:
I hope you get many Gotcha Days more!
DON'T FORGET to visit Kimo and Sabi today :-)
(I did my best with the graphic, as you know, I don't know how to edit photos :-s, but it's okay)

"You know you've grown up when you stop wishing you were older. You know you've gotten old when you start wishing you were younger."
- Bill Mech

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Kimo and Sabi dijo...

Thank you so much! You have a lovely Sunday!

Misty DawnS dijo...

Awwww - Happy Gotcha Day kitties!

Girl Girl Hamster dijo...

Happy gotcha day to the cats. :)

~ Girl girl

JB's Big and Small Worlds dijo...

I was so sorry to hear about Pixie too. I am purring for Daisy and her mom.
Gotcha Days are great....good for Kimo and Sabi for finding a forever home.

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