7 de septiembre de 2008


El descanso de Stellaluna Picassa

. Stellaluna

Stellaluna Picassa ha pintado demasiado, quiere que alguien haga el trabajo por ella, que irá a pasar?:

"I have been busy painting this. I need a holiday!"
"1 Hour later : I'm bored"

"It would be the best thing someone (that is not me) has created!" *purrs*

"Oh, if the humans could do that..."
Stellaluna: Meanwhile, I'll relax
Brownie: Cats....
Continuará...el martes

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Daisy dijo...

Hahahahaha! I think Stella deserves to relax now!

Mickey's Musings dijo...

Stella is a very good painter!!!!!
I think she deserves a rest :)
I saw the website you sent me. I am very sorry for all the people who were affected by all these storms!!!!! I hope you are safe too!!!
Purrs Mickey

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Daisy! I'm already resting, we are cats, rigth? But Mom mentioned something about this comic and want to change it, I don't know what will happen on toosday...

Mickey! We are safe, we saw the newspaper website again, it says we'll be safe of hurrycanes for 2 weeks! WooHoo! It's sunny and we are making a BBQ, yum yum meat!

Asta dijo...

I think Stella is a vewy talented paintew..she should paint you aftew hew west
smoochie kisses

Copito dijo...

Que Stella traiga algo entre patas me pone nervioso, he de confesar...


Copito dijo...

Hey Brow, qué pasó con el homenaje a Stif? Lo harás?


Liz Hopps dijo...

HOOO!!! me ha gustado mucho tu nueva paltilla Brownie y las firmas tambien!!!
Me encantan estos dibujos
como los hces?
son una monada

Gaston is back! muahahahaha dijo...

Stella Luna es una gata ccon mucho potencial artistico puuurrrr..
Me he perdido algunas aventuras tuyas, ire a ponerme al dia ^_^

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