12 de agosto de 2008


Soy malvada

. Stellaluna

En mi casa no hay poste para rascar, entonces tengo que rascar mis uñas con cualquier cosa :S.
En este caso no querían abrir la puerta entoces yo.....

Al final no entré, pero dejé un regalo ;)


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Daisy dijo...

Whoa! I have never scratched on wood before. It seems very hard. Sometimes I scratch up the carpeting, but usually I am Good and use my special post.

Brownie dijo...

I'm glad you have a special post, Daisy!

The Florida Furkids dijo...

Ouch - don't get splinters!! We have a couple of scratchy posts and a kyoot turtle to scratch on.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Stellaluna dijo...

@Furkidsmom: I doesn't hurt, it's just like an other scratching post!

PS: Hope the color works now, Brownie's comment is green and not orange as it has to be

Copito dijo...

Muahaha Stella eres tremenda, yo una vez rompi una camisa de papi y me dieron un regaño bárbaro!!!


Anónimo dijo...

Stella, we do not think you are evil, we think you asked nicely to come in first.

Girl Girl Hamster dijo...

Ah.. i wouldn't want Stella to help scratch my back

~ Girl girl

Mickey's Musings dijo...

We have a wood scratch post! It is a great place to scratch our claws!!!! That does not make you evil :) You are just doing what a cat does!! heehee
Purrs Mickey

Anita dijo...

Simplemente un gatorrismo perrrrrrrfecto... ¡Muahahahahahahahá!

Anita dijo...

Un gatorrismo perrrrrrrrrrrrfecto... ¡Muahahahahá!

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