11 de febrero de 2009


True Colors Thrusday: Silver

. Stellaluna

Hello everyone, I know, I know, it's Wednesday and I posted this earlier, but where Bae lives is Thursday so it's okay :-)
As maybe you knew last week, I couldn't find something silver, BUT I found a picture with silver colors, it's one called "Whisper"

I look like a silver cat here, rigth?
Now with the bad news... my camera is broken! So we can't take more pictures :-( But don't worry, Brownie is a good doodler by nature ;-) so you'll get entretained. 
Have a nice thursday, next week: Blue, you maybe will get next week's theme in doodles...well...

Tamir, I'm still waiting your answer...

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Bae Bae dijo...

Hello.. yes.. It's Thursday afternoon where I am now.
You'll make a pawsome pretty silver cat StellaLuna

~ Bae

Yogui dijo...

Lo siento por tu cámara StellaLuna... mira que con ella se hacen buenas fotos, intenta que la arreglen.
La foto es muy buena, y además estás muy guapa, creo que me voy a hacer un poco felino a partir de ya, las gatitas tenéis un no se qué...

Poopsie aka Blue dijo...

Hi there!

'Whisper' is a wonderful picture of you Stella Luna.
Thanks for playing the game

Gentle strokes

Quill and Greyson dijo...

You look very silvery

The Florida Furkids dijo...

Big Smoochies to you, Stellaluna! I just responded to your Valentines day card!



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